Welcome at A. Kähne - your boat supplier in the Berlin area

A. Kähne - proven name in the boat equipment, yacht and caravan sector

First of all we would like to mention that we appreciate your interest in our textile products. In the following we would like to introduce our firm. The company of A. Kaehne successfully established a well-known name in the field of textile fittings for yachts, caravans and domestic purposes.

In cooperation with our top-performing partners, which are using modern manufacturing technologies, we develop premium products such as breathable or water-repellent panellings and ceiling liners. Our product line includes leather substitutes, material for upholstery, purpose built carpeting, acoustic insulation and insulant materials. Another fine product comes with our proven air-mat called AIR LIFT which prevents moisture from getting into the upholstery. Solvent-free adhesives complete our range of products.

Our distribution and quality claims

We mainly distribute textiles, insulants, leather substitutes and floorings. These products have many fields of application in the assembly of boats and caravans. We provide high quality standards and a great number of different materials; these are the very foundation of our assortment.
We are presenting our textile products at leading tradeshows in Dusseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, as well as in Tulln in Austria.

Our customers

Shipyards, retailers and processing companies are as well our customers as private persons.